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Timer (Sequential Control)

  Sequential controller is to control sequence and duration of the pulse in a bag house. And Differential pressure controller is to prevent over cleaning of the filter bag by preset high and low pressure point.  


  Cages is design to support for filter bag in a bag house. And it's available material are galvanized steel, Stainless steel 304 & 316 and others.  

Diaphragm & Solenoid Valves

  It is works together for efficient operation of pulse-jet bag house. Buna-N diaphragms operating is up to 93 o C and for Viton temperature is up to 232 o C. And there are two types, single type & double types.  


  It is to measure differential pressure by installing one port to the clean side & one port to the dirty side of the bag house. And by indicating a suction decrease in pressure a system leak can be detected.  

  from 4 channel & onwards  
  220 VAC, 240 VAC  
  Top Configuration:  
  U-flange, u-flange with venturi & etc.  
  One piece type & two piece type, square type & etc.  
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