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We Concentrate On Identifying, Anticipating And Satisfying Our Customers Requirement Profitably.

We shall:

  Strive to give our best services, produce and supply the highest quality of filtration products at competitive pricing to our customers.
  Provide value-added work, grow hand-in-hand with our customers and be the source of all their filtration needs.
  Be fully committed to continually improve by constantly working to establish, maintain and improve the quality of our products and services.
  Continue to be inspired by our motto:
"Creating Tomorrow's Environment Today"


Hi-Tech Filters Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1998 and its core business was fabrication of fabric-based filtration products for industrial application. Due to the increasing demand and requirements from our customers, Total Environmental Control Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in May 2006 to take over the trading division and concentrates on the trading of filtration products manufactured by Hi-Tech Filters and other range of filtration products.

Being the source of all our customers' filtration needs, we provide a wide and complete range of products with assurance that they are of the highest quality and performance at competitive pricing. We achieve this high standard with the support and close rapport with our overseas raw material suppliers.

We took another step forward when we moved to our new and bigger factory during the third quarter of 2002. State-of-the-art machines like the tubular fabric welding machine, long-arm sewing machine and semi-auto snap band machine were added with this expansion. In the future to come, in order to satisfy further our ever-growing customers' requirements in terms of quality and technology, we are now looking at acquiring more fabric welding machine where filters shall be fully instead of partly welded.

We also intend to acquire a fully automatic tubular fabric machine to increase our capacity and productivity. Equipped with these latest technology and state-of-the-art sewing and fabrication equipments, we also believe that the quality of our products will be enhanced and our productivity increased.

Hi-Tech Filters will continue to thrive to be the pioneer in the filtration industry and provide the best quality products, services and pricing to its customers.


Public opinion says the environment matters. Governments too; the scope and number of regulations defining our interactions with the environment is on the increase. So is the pressure to compete. For some European companies investing in environmental control systems is a question of commercial survival. Emissions need to be limited. And so do costs.

As the challenge to stay clean and viable mounts, so does the popularity of textile based filtration systems. Alternative systems such as electro-static precipitation require huge initial investments, are heavy users of scarce fixed assets such as land, and often prove to be less efficient in limiting emissions.

When it comes to textile based filter systems, drawing up specifications for the filter plant involves more than simply looking at size. The choice of filter media influences both emission levels and running costs. So much so that an increasing number of filtration plant operators now even specify the type of fibre to be used in the filter bags. Here are a few reasons why.


Initial investment


The choice of fibre can even influence the level of initial investment. For example, fibres with a sufficiently high temperature resistance can limit the need for supplementary dilution cooling systems. Fibre titre - or size is also important. The use of fine fibres in a well designed felt increases pore-size distribution and can reduce the total weight of the filter media.


Emission levels

    For filter felts to perform to specification, the base fibres must have the right kind of physical and mechanical properties. And with the trend towards zero emissions, this includes the capacity to separate out dust in the sub-micron range. Fine (virgin) fibres of high quality increase the efficiency of filter media and, at the same time reduce the risk of bag failure.

Bag life

    The longer the bag life, the lower the total maintenance costs for the filtration plant. Fibres need to have the kind of properties which help to maximize bag life. This includes the right level of temperature and chemical resistance, mechanical strength and dimensional stability.

Energy costs

    Energy represents a large part of the total running bill. Well designed felts made from high performance fibres help to reduce differential pressure levels and extend the time between cleaning cycles. Fibres with high temperature resistance can also reduce the need for dilution air cooling.
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