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Our filtration products are uses in dust and Liquid purification and other in-plant liquids, food processing, beverages, chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, photographics solutions, fuels, lubricants, plating solutions, steel mills, kaolin industries, cement industries, palm oil industries, ceramic industries, dye stuff industries & etc.
Fibre Fibre Characteristic
  Cotton Excellent selection in ventilation type collector  
  Polypropylene Strong fibre, low moisture absorption and possessess excellent chemical resistance.  
  Nylon Rugged fibre with excellent resistance to abrasion and alkalies.  
  Wool Superior filtration characteristics.  
  Acrylic Good in acid conditions. Possesses excellent dimensional stability. Acrylic Homopolymer are excellent at resisting hydrolysis.  
  Polyester High tensile strength, good dimensional stability, heat resistant at 150c  
  Nomex Excellent heat resistance at 220c and excellent resistance to abrasion.  
  Teflon Can be used at temperatures up to 260c and possesses excellent chemical resistance.  
  Fiberglass Can be used at high temperatures and has high tensile strength.  
  Ryton Excellent resistance to chemical conditions and abrasion. Excellent heat resistance at 190c.  
  P-84 Stable operation to 260c, excellent efficiency characteristics.  

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